Wednesday, September 24, 2008

skype'ing fun.

got skype?

if you don't - you're not getting FREE internet calls. with OR without a webcam! (thanks jon) who doesn't want FREE calls when ur overseas!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Singapore Day 1.

today was spent exploring my hotel and getting acclimated to the time zone difference. more on that later. my room is in the 'garden terrace' section which is like half outside, half inside. it's really neat. there is this garden area with lush ponds, waterfalls, and palms in the center that jut up a few floors. i snapped some pics and headed out to explore the POOL.

this pool looks really enticing from my balcony and after work, i indulged in both it and the hot tub. it's a blazing 90 degrees here but later in the evening the hot tub was a perfect temperature to relax with a book.

work went really well. i'm working with cisco systems and their office is on the 26floor which makes for a great view. my co-workers here in Singapore are really nice. i can't wait to go to dinner with them tonight and see more of the city.

stay tuned!

Sunday, September 21, 2008

singapore arrival.

hey folks. i jumped ship and came to Singapore for work. it's my first time to the asia-pacific region and i'll admit it's been a pretty smooth travel so far. i hopped on one of these gigundo B747s that United runs and it was smooth sailing. these monsters hold up to like 400 people and even have a 2nd floor! i couldn't get over how big the plane was... the wingspan alone is bigger than most of the planes I take for business travel. when we were taxi-ing, i swear one almost went directly underneath the wing.
the haul from chicago to hong kong was over 15 hours... but i really wouldn't know. i slept about 9 hours of it. i struck gold when no one sat next to me and i could take over 2 seats for my bed. my layover in HK was okay... despite losing my glasses. i left them in the women's bathroom when i put my contacts in. HUGE bummer! hope i don't lose my contacts when i'm swimming in the pool at my hotel. speaking of.... check out my view!

although it was pretty early (hence no daylight) here when i took that video... it's HOT! 86 degrees by 6am and 90% humidity. holy toledo... i know i'll be enjoying that pool!

talk soon! i'm off to go convince my body it's really 8am and not 8pm. wish me luck!

Sunday, September 14, 2008

b-day boy.

A little birdie told me that today MAY be some anonymous' commenter's birthday. Happy Birthday ya old fart. Next time I see ya I'll be sure to buy ya a beer out of Al's garage!