Thursday, December 31, 2009

pinecone garland.

a neat-o blog I follow is Twig & Thistle. well they had this project tutorial to make pine cone garland that I swooned over ages ago and then filed away for a rainy day. (common theme which relates directly to my arts-n-crafts binge-ing)

well i finally got around to making it, with my friend Allison's help. all you need is those yummy smelling pine cones that come out this time of year, some ribbon or twine and a few screw hooks.

my mantle BEFORE garland:

my mantle AFTER garland:

next craft on deck, this short tree-stump trivet made out of felt that will make some slightly altered appearance in baby king's nursery. yay!

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

skype xmas.

it's always tough to make those decisions on where you'll spend the holidays and this year was no different. we couldn't visit everyone we wanted to in person, but that didn't stop us from using the next best thing to connect with as many folks as we could!!

SKYPE! Or as my brother calls it SKKYYYYYYPPPPEEEEEEEE.

you might remember when i posted about it back here when i went to Singapore. my other half and i use it almost every week to connect with my siblings. we call them - skype dates. sometimes we eat dinner together or just spend an hour vegging on the couch. depends on the mood :)

this christmas justine was stuck in florida working so she couldn't make the trek up north. sooooo we opened presents over Skype and it was a HOOT!

it doesn't beat the real, in-person thing but it far outweighs not getting to see each other at all. Yay for SKYPE!

Sunday, December 27, 2009

closet fit for a king.

so baby king already has a TON of clothes. people just keep buying him gifts (mommy included) and dropping little, darling outfits every time they drop in.

my sweet sister brought him 2 track suits, 2 pair of shoes, a few cute onsies & sleepers and the most ADORABLE baby blanket a co-worker knit for her (more on that later!).

some other folks have dropped off adorable sleepers which baby king loves as he is super fond of DINOSAURS.

can you believe his closet already?!

thank you so much everyone for your kindness & generosity. baby king and i feel very, very BLESSED.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

happy holidays.

wishing you and yours a BLESSED holiday season.

with love, the King's

Friday, December 18, 2009

birthday wishes.

thank you SOOOO much to everyone's outpouring of birthday wishes for me yesterday. i had quite a frustrating day/week with work coupled with/by malfunctioning pieces of technology i operate daily. (aka: blackberry, laptop AND home computer. sigh. all things easily taken for granted!!)

the well wishes and happy sentiments were much appreciated & enjoyed in my extremely hormonal, crazed state of mind. and special thanks to my hubby for sparing a few hours with me yesterday when our schedules actually aligned to keep me calm & sane.

here are just a few of the FUN eCards I received from thoughtful friends :)

29 is fun so far, but next up - the BIG dirty thirty. double sigh.

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Face to Face Tour re-scheduled AGAIN.

ok, so like you never hear about concerts getting re-scheduled - right? if that's the case - what are the chances it'll get re-scheduled TWICE?!?! over thanksgiving i was informed that the Billy Joel/Elton John concert scheduled for Dec 4th was postponed AGAIN.

so guess when the new date is? MARCH 9TH. a whole NINE+ months after I bought the darn tickets. What else usually happens in NINE months?!?! oh I don't know, perhaps the growth of a small human! my new 'estimated' due date is the 14th which puts this concert 5 days before. i already attempted to get a refund but ticketsnow is so not cooperating, nor is their customer service being very friendly.

ugh. what do I do?!?

Friday, December 04, 2009

owls, owls everywhere.

just one of the few things i'm loving lately. OWLS. It started a few months ago when I had to order new checks.

then last month I ordered an owl maternity shirt from Jellybean apparel, she customized it to be a blue owl and I was able to get it in long sleeve. CUTE!

now i'm keen on anything OWL for baby king. these are a few of the things i put on our registry or have been drooling over.

owls are a HOOT!