Thursday, February 05, 2009

fun labels.

i found super-cute party theme ideas when looking for bridal *stuff* on this website. it is a wedding style website that framed all the themes around bridal showers which got my mind racing for upcoming friends who might tie the knot in the next few years.

then i got to thinking and several of them could so be a non-bridal shower. they're good fro any ole regular party, get together, birthday, or special occasion! i even used the super cute book club labels for a recent birthday occasion.

sondra turned a FABULOUS age last week and we got her some light reading material. one from me, one from the boy, and one from lucy. i downloaded these labels for the to/from tags and these labels for the 'this book is perfect for you because....' part and VOILA. add fun wrapping paper and we've got ourselves some composition notebook style gifts. perfect for the teacher in ur lives ;-)

Sunday, February 01, 2009

game day.

it's GAME DAY...

go team CUPCAKES!!!!