Sunday, August 24, 2008

film reels.

remember when we started painting the living room?! well we've been basically 're-doing' the living room this entire year. (unfortunately just thinking about what we're gonna do doesn't really get much done!) when looking for decor i found these film reels at ballard designs and i think i NEED them for my mantel. they're so neat - there is one size for each era in the film industry, the biggest being about 2 ft.

then i saw the price and i reminded myself why the catalog(s) should go straight to the recycle bin.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

window view.

i'm bummed i haven't had the chance to keep up with the blog the last few weeks. i'm sooooo sorry guys b/c i really miss everyone!! unfortunately i just haven't had too many GOOD things to talk about. seems that life is throwing challenges at me left and right these days. and with so many in a row... i could but only stop and think that some force was working against me. hence some reflecting time.

enough about that. an update on when i last spoke to you - i DIDN'T win the scooter. BOOOOOO to that. i called Parkliegh on two separate occasions where they confirmed that the actual winner had already picked up little sunny and was off enjoying their new ride. i've yet to see them on the road but when i do, it'll be tough not to mutter obsceneties at them under my breath. at this point i could have used a little winning luck to pick my spirits up.

(from the corner)

i do have lots more to talk about and get your opinions on so CHECK BACK! including how the heck i'm supposed to resist the urge to skip my morning meeting and run over to the garage/moving sale that is literally next door to my office building. i swear i saw not one, but TWO antique cash registers as i drove in. not sure though as most of my caffeine hadn't kicked in by 7:20am.

(from my office)

here is a pic out of my office window as i sit here and type over my keyboard. crazy, huh?! how the heck am i supposed to concentrate on reviewing business requirements when i can see everyone else HAULING away antique goodies. maybe i could bargain with them out the window!? perhaps i could send them 'best offers' via paper airplanes! oh my. hopefully i'll be that much more productive today knowing i can race out of here and get some goodies. i deserve 'em these days.

Friday, August 01, 2008

scooter madness.

i've been dreaming (and therefore drooling) about a scooter these days. riding on one, taking pictures of one, getting a sidecar for Lucy in one. i decided to take matters into my own hands and WIN one. today i entered to win the SUNSHINE YELLOW Vespa raffle going on at Parkleigh. the drawing is happening very soon and until then, i'll be practicing my facial expressions for when i win!