Monday, April 28, 2008

lucy in stripes.

lucy got all dolled up in her *newest* shirt to go visit Murel for his 6th bday party. she had quite a good time and even got to share (aka: steal) most of his bday gifts.

*i should clarify that this is her ONLY shirt. lucy and i think she looks CUTE all dressed up however someone else in our house would beg to differ.

Friday, April 25, 2008

stampin' fool.

who doesn't love a rubber stamp?! i'm pretty crazy for 'em. check out my newest set of STAMPS. this one came from an estate sale that sondra and i ransacked. i literally squealed when i came across it... well - after i removed the half inch of dust that is. it's a sign stamping kit from 1894. or atleast that's what the copyright is... let's just say it's OLD. there is a small & a large set of numbers and letters. and i just LOVE the typography on them!! they might be the oldest stamps on the planet - but for $15 - the set was a STEAL!!

so what can i do with them?! well i played around with them to scrapbook and make a save-the-date card for J&S. (that's my new nickname for josh-n-sondra) they're getting hitched lickety split here and don't really have time to send these out to their guests. i still thought they really deserve one irregardless. (i just hope she opens the card b4 she reads the blog)

then i made them some place cards for their bazillion guests. i invited my better half a few times, myself, her bro and SIL, and even 'G'. 'G's our favorite barn sale guy who calls and gives us the heads-up whenever he's having a BIG sale. for all he's given us in the junk world... he made my list. (who knows - maybe they'll be some of his junk decor @ the wedding ;-)

(you'll have to click them to look at 'em up close)

next attempt - i'll make sure i have more supplies stocked in their color scheme. seems i'm overloaded with browns and short on 'rust'.

ps - the craft world is a better place now that slicing doohickies have made it mainstream. man i can cut a STRAIGHT line in a skinny minute with that thing. (thanks again allison!)

Thursday, April 24, 2008

garage sale glass.

how much do i love garage sales?!? let me count the ways....


sixty cents worth! can you believe they were selling these FUN apothecary-like jars for only TEN CENTS each?! i couldn't... so i snatched all 6 of them up!

this was my FAVE find of the day. a science kit! tons o beakers, test tubes, petrie dishes.... just oodles of fun, fun fun!! i got the whole box for $4.00. it's going to make one great BLOOMING centerpiece on our dining table. oh - and i'll have to be a mad scientist for halloween and decorate it all spooky-style. my ideas just overfloweth!

ps - yes, one of them looks like it has some gunk leftover from the most recent science project. i'll have to sterilize that one before i go putting mini blooms in 'em....

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

hoosier daddy.

check out my newest antique! the easter bunny up and brought me a HOOSIER cabinet this year. it belonged to my bff's parents for like a bazillion years and they were going through a re-model so i snatched it up for a steal. i have a few pics of it here. i'm still struggling with where to put my favorite cherries, but other than that - it's making the adjustment to it's new home nicely!

Sunday, April 20, 2008

spring has sprung.

spring has FINALLY sprung around rochester. there are birds chirping, children playing outside and plants coming up all over the place. this is a plant in our yard that I like (despite not knowing what the heck it is) that is sprouting. this is a good thing b/c i transplanted it last fall without really knowing whether it'd make the move. happi-day!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

lucy sighting.

like most dogs, lucy likes to hang her head out the window.

she stands EXTRA tall when we're on our way to the park.

**editors note: sondra asked a great question. this photo was taken with my PHONE (not my digicam) while PARKED at a stoplight. i only snap pics out of a moving vehicle when i have a window seat!

Monday, April 14, 2008

nice pair of legs.

remember that super old TV I bought last month that didn't work? well my JUNKHUNK gutted it and cleaned it up all nice for me.

as much as I liked the idea of turning it into a fishtank... i'm planning turning it into an end table. so now i'm on the hunt for a nice pair of LEGS. i'm thinking perhaps a metal base... maybe with casters so we can roll it around the living room. thoughts?! anyone know a welder!? i want the TV to be functional for storage so maybe we could turn the KNOBS into drawer handle to open the tv.

oh... there aren't enough hours in the day!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

lucy's new collar.

we found timmie when we were in toronto last weekend. it's a super cute doggie boutique with lots of funky products that specialize in good design. the owners were really nice and friendly and if lucy were there, she'd have wanted ONE of everything. they even had a line of products named LUCY - which were ripe for my picking.

in the end... i walked out of there with a new collar for Lucy. i think lucy loves her new collar as much as i love my new shoes.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

calendar wallpaper.

speaking of free images - go download yourself an april calendar for your computer wallpaper from smashing magazine. they feature FREE wallpaper images from designers all over the globe. some of the designs are really cool, which you can get with or without the calendar to use well beyond our april SHOWERS.

i'm currently enjoying the MONTH CAPSULE.

they also have lots of other free images... like blog headers, icon sets, and rss feed icons. neat-o.

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

dover clipart.

here are some samples of Dover clipart that I swore I mentioned a long time ago but now i think i was dreaming. the gist is simple - if you sign up, dover sends you an email every Wed with links to download 'em.

they come in handy. i've printed them out, used them on cards & gift-tags, and even decoupaged them to *STUFF*. i'm sure there are a bazillion other uses too. here are some of favorite:

(i've used the black and white tags over and over and over)

if you want to sign up, go here. if you want to tell me i have too much time on my hands to be perusing FREE images, go here.

Monday, April 07, 2008


today I'm on Kodak's blog 1000words talking about my FAVORITE pictures that we took of the Eiffel Tower while visiting Paris.

Check it out to see wicked cool architectural shots and some of the easy-peasey tips we used.

makes me want to go back *sniffle*

Friday, April 04, 2008

lucy misses me.

i was in denver last week.

lucy missed me.

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

luggage identity.

I'm very into luggage tags right now (more on that later) so I'm acutely aware of them whenever I find em. while stranded in the airport last week, i discovered these very FUN luggage tags at a Brookstone store. I just fell in love with these - they are colorful, loud and functional!

with all my airport delays and cancellations lately - I was leaning towards: ARE WE THERE YET? but now I think I want: I'M A MESS ON THE INSIDE. Which one(s) should I get?