Thursday, April 24, 2008

garage sale glass.

how much do i love garage sales?!? let me count the ways....


sixty cents worth! can you believe they were selling these FUN apothecary-like jars for only TEN CENTS each?! i couldn't... so i snatched all 6 of them up!

this was my FAVE find of the day. a science kit! tons o beakers, test tubes, petrie dishes.... just oodles of fun, fun fun!! i got the whole box for $4.00. it's going to make one great BLOOMING centerpiece on our dining table. oh - and i'll have to be a mad scientist for halloween and decorate it all spooky-style. my ideas just overfloweth!

ps - yes, one of them looks like it has some gunk leftover from the most recent science project. i'll have to sterilize that one before i go putting mini blooms in 'em....


MylRae said...

Come to Bayberry on May 17 for a HUGE garage sale...

emily said...

I love, love, LOVE glass jars. I started collecting them last summer and you can find them el cheapo,just like you found! There is so many different ways to use them!