Sunday, March 30, 2008

fabric binder clips.

i was so excited when i received this month's issue of country home magazine. there was a project idea for jazzing up your BORING binder clips with small scraps of fabric. I have ALL the materials for this one on hand so I made a set of FUNKY binder clips for my friend at work.

Materials: Fabric scraps, Interfacing, binder clips, spray adhesive, and mod-Podge. Overall the project was quick and easy-peasey - check out the steps and results on my Projects page!

Monday, March 24, 2008

easter decor.

easter SNUCK up on me this year. and if i were asked - i'd suggest giving easter a fixed schedule versus this variable one that allows for it to be in march. don't get me wrong - i respect why it's celebrated and do love a 2 holiday month (just like hoops and yoyo) but it's just too darn cold up here to be celebrating easter this soon.

it made me SLOW to decorate! i was soo rushed putting out decor... i didn't want my poor eggs or bunnies to get frostbite. despite the bitter cold - we celebrated on Saturday with family and we had a very nice easter holiday. here are a few pics of my THINKSPRING* easter decor. i'm into greens and birds lately.

jelly beans fill the hurricanes and i put rocks, fake reindeer moss and lotus' in my apothecary jars for a botanical feel.

*THINKSPRING is part of my strategy to get spring to come sooner. (why else would i wear my new skimmer keds with no socks in 25 degree weather?!)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

hoppy easter.

from lucy and her friends.

ps. it's a YAWN, not a ferocious attack on the bunny ears.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

happy spring.

today i wore my new keds to celebrate the first day of SPRING. i got them at kohl's and the polka dots make me happy. happy SPRING everyone!

Monday, March 17, 2008

smoked irish dinner.

me: "babe - can we have boiled dinner for st patty's day?"
him: "sure, i'll stop at wegman's on my way home. do you mind if i twist up the menu a bit?"
me: "no problem as long as the staples are there!"

i present you SMOKED corn beef, roasted cabbage, carrots, onions, and garlic-cheddar mashed potatoes. the boy uses ANY excuse to break that smoker out and put it to good use! a very different flavor than what comes from the traditional crock pot! the veggies were all done in a balsamic reduction glaze that was oh-so-YUMMY. oh... and for dessert:

Sunday, March 16, 2008

st patty's day.

i was recovering from the flu so i didn't get to the parade this weekend. BOO! despite not making it, my attire was quite festive. (gotta love those $5 Target tees!)

Happy St Patty's Day everyone!! Any fun plans or events to share?!

ps - i took this pic with my new phone... not too shabby!

Saturday, March 15, 2008

tv project.

i went on a junk hunt today with my fave junk bud Sondra and came home with a few fun FLEAFINDS. check out my favorite score! i'm so excited about this piece, it's an old Zenith tv. when i called my other half to SQUEAL about getting a great deal on a new TV - he wasn't thrilled with what he found when i used his muscle to haul it into the basement.

so what do i do with it?! i have a couple of ideas... but i'm really interested in yours. do tell!

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

new color.

it took awhile to re-surface all the imperfections in the wall but we're finally toning DOWN the ole orange. The color is Sherwin-Williams' Believable Buff. at first i was worried it was too neutral but as we've put back some of our furniture - i've warmed up more and more!

our next dilema? which new window treatments to pick!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

gone sailing.

my sailin' habits quiet down during the winter. it really is quite sad. i resort to getting my junk fix from the co-ops and thrift shops around town but it's just not the same. there are a few, occasional estate sales that get my attention like a recent one i scored a christmas tree stand at.

well... it's not quite 'vintage' i guess. it actually still had the LL Bean mail order form inside the box. but for $7... i couldn't resist. i had flashbacks of the crooked tree we chopped down at wilbert's last year. we were plain lucky that tree didn't fall over on it's side!

Monday, March 10, 2008

redbox love.

redbox is giving away free rentals every monday.... pass it on!

my love for redbox isn't new - we've been renting from them for MONTHS. i stumbled upon the signup when i discovered you can preview which locations have the movie you want in stock.

sure enough, every monday like clockwork they txt me a free rental code. how cool is that?!

Sunday, March 09, 2008

i'm back. and so is the SNOW.

i know, i know - i could be the worst blogger around. updating only once in a blue moon and with lame-o topics to boot. you probably were about to give up on me completely but figured you'd give me one last shot checking in today....

time for my excuses:
- paint spilled on my keyboard so i couldn't type.
- i started working out every day cutting into my blogging time.
- lucy ate my computer, all three of them... then she ate my passwords.

hah. no excuses here. the truth is i've been busy-busy at work and pathetically was just too darn exhausted to find 10 extra minutes in my day. i'm really not too happy with myself about it. i look forward to checking in with the world, writing about the nonsense that fills my brain and seeing everyone's comments. and i couldn't.

well - the get up, go to work, go home, sleep, repeat thing got old REAL quick. so i'm back.

so what's new with everyone?!? i'll keep ya posted on our world. some things didn't stay the same the last few weeks. take for instance - my SNOW SHOVELING skills. I got quite a bit of practice when a bazillion inches of snow fell this past weekend. mc shoveled 3 times in like 24 hours... so i decided to give him a break. i warmed myself up with an IRISH coffee, hauled Lucy outside for company and all i have to report is i'm not the most productive shoveler. i was hoping my shovel for 20 / warm up inside for 20 would make the neighbors (who were both snowblowing their driveway at the time) take pity on me. no way jose. i'll remember that next time they need a favor.

oh mom, i know u always complain we don't give u our xmas list early enough. i want a snowblower.