Sunday, March 09, 2008

i'm back. and so is the SNOW.

i know, i know - i could be the worst blogger around. updating only once in a blue moon and with lame-o topics to boot. you probably were about to give up on me completely but figured you'd give me one last shot checking in today....

time for my excuses:
- paint spilled on my keyboard so i couldn't type.
- i started working out every day cutting into my blogging time.
- lucy ate my computer, all three of them... then she ate my passwords.

hah. no excuses here. the truth is i've been busy-busy at work and pathetically was just too darn exhausted to find 10 extra minutes in my day. i'm really not too happy with myself about it. i look forward to checking in with the world, writing about the nonsense that fills my brain and seeing everyone's comments. and i couldn't.

well - the get up, go to work, go home, sleep, repeat thing got old REAL quick. so i'm back.

so what's new with everyone?!? i'll keep ya posted on our world. some things didn't stay the same the last few weeks. take for instance - my SNOW SHOVELING skills. I got quite a bit of practice when a bazillion inches of snow fell this past weekend. mc shoveled 3 times in like 24 hours... so i decided to give him a break. i warmed myself up with an IRISH coffee, hauled Lucy outside for company and all i have to report is i'm not the most productive shoveler. i was hoping my shovel for 20 / warm up inside for 20 would make the neighbors (who were both snowblowing their driveway at the time) take pity on me. no way jose. i'll remember that next time they need a favor.

oh mom, i know u always complain we don't give u our xmas list early enough. i want a snowblower.


Lisa said...

Glad to see you're back. I was beginning to worry that the world would stop spinning without our comments. haha!

As far as the snow goes.... at the very least its a work out. Think of it that way =)

Spring is here in this fine metropolis. Sorry to rub it in. But more reason for you to come visit!

MylRae said...

I hear yeah; I'm looking at new snowblowers now for next winter; the one we bought from Sam's Club in 95 is starting to show signs of deterioration. And boy are they EXPENSIVE; more than DOUBLE.

Start scanning the papers for the families moving SOUTH!

Spring is around the corner, even if you must drive to it, so be it.

Joy said...

What a cute puppy! Thanks for your visit - hope your wedding is a wondrous affair! :)