Tuesday, October 06, 2009

meet baby king.

i had an idea of what i was gonna yack about today. but then i realized there were a few milestones achieved on this brisk, fall October morning.

1. this will be my 350th blog post.
2. i am 100 days pregnant.

yup - that's right folks. i fell off the face of the blogging earth quite some time ago for several reasons I won't go on to mention because i'd rather revel in the best news we've had this year:

mcallister and i are gonna have a baby.

words cannot even begin to describe how blessed we feel and how ecstatic we are that our home is going to grow by two feet. we'll be meeting baby king for the first time next march but until then... i share with you a few glimpses of he/she that we've seen so far:

we love you with all our heart baby king!!


Allison said...

Happy 100th day of growing a human!!!

Candace B said...

Congrats Nicky!! I'm so happy for you guys.


Sondra said...

YAAAAAAYYYYYYYY! Sooo happy for your two and soo happy that the news is now official, so I won't have to be too careful of what I say anymore!

Baby King, You're already perfect in so many ways! We love you too!! Josh, Sondra and Baby Lela

Anonymous said...

Is Baby King a Prince or a Princess? Anonymous (& curious) Old Man from Niagara.

Nicky C. K. said...

Allison, Candace & Sondra - Thx so much for the kind words :)

Anonymous (& curious) OLD man from Niagara - we're not sure yet whether Baby King is a prince or a princess. (although we have our suspicions!) Be sure to check back in THREE weeks, that's when we'll be posting if we're team pink or team blue :)

MylRae said...

'cuse me,

I'm feeling boy for some reason...

But whatever team color appears, we'll be thrilled!

From: Grama2Bee

Justine said...

Congratulations Mom & Dad, I'm so happy for you both!
I love you Baby King and I can't wait to meet you!

Auntie Justine

Jon said...

Justine what did my M&M draw tell us?? I think the draw was a boy...

Either way, a great milestone indeed! Can't wait to hear the news. GB mom and dad.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to you both on this wonderful news!
Joe and Jackie (from the Pierogie team at your Mom's place)

The Johnsons said...

Congratulations! We're so happy for you all.


PS - Merl sends his condolences to Lucy who will quickly obtain dog status once the little one arrives.