Thursday, January 21, 2010

oh, hello.

nice to meet you! (virtually)

yea, that's my tongue.

and there is definitely NO question i'm a BOY!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

burp cloths for baby king.

i know, all my posts lately have been about babies, babies, BABIES. subject of the times, I guess :) while i was organizing my pics i realized i've been sewing quite a bit these days but never shared any of the projects...

i actually tackled these burp cloths back over turkey day when my fam was in town. they're easy-peasey and don't take very long at all!

basic ingredients: cloth diapers and fabric (i used fat quarters)

pin the fabric on the cloth diaper and then top-stich.

my fam was a BIG help. auntie justine helped iron all the fabric, mom oversaw the sewing and uncle jon actually busted out a few moves on the sewing machine. wish i had a pic of jon's fat fingers using the machine to share :)

next sewing-for-baby project up: diaper & wipes case!

Monday, January 18, 2010

31 weeks preggo.

many have asked for a belly pic... and here it is. (or as close as anyone is getting these days!) i did my best to crop off the flabby arms and my complete dis-regard for undergarments peeking out of tank tops. yay for wintery layers :)

the bump at 31 weeks gestation.

mom & baby are both healthy and active. (well, he is definitely more active than me these days!) mom's been blessed with a fairly textbook pregnancy so far - reflux & roadrage included! they have appts every two weeks where we get to check in and hear his heartbeat and have been spending their free time thinking about the nursery, pediatricians, daycare, the hospital stay and all the other wonderful joys that can overwhelm first time parents!

only 58 more days to go!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

meet the babies 2009

sondra's little cutie pie, LELA, is featured in the democrat and chronicle's 2009 meet the babies contest. you can VOTE with either your facebook account or email address (or a hearty combination of both!) but hurry up because voting ends today.