Monday, February 25, 2008

head shaking madness.

lucy's soccer ball should have come with a warning - *may induce head shaking madness*

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

paint splattered trim.

while priming the living room, we really noticed how BAD the previous paint job was. apparently the homeowner before us did NOT believe in any prep work for his paint jobs. our trim and outer edges of the hardwood floors were covered in teeney-tiny paint SPLATTERS. they have just been hard to see all these years with the LUCY hair that covers our floor!


i googled my little heart out to try and find a way to get latex paint off the wood trim without ruining it. i didn't want to strip it and re-stain.... waaaay to much work. i found a several websites and forums that suggested using Goof Off (or some equivalent) to lightly rub paint off the trim. i immediately thought it would take off the finish on the trim, but i tested it on an inconspicuous corner and voila! it worked magically!

i painfully went around ALL the baseboards, crown molding, windows and doorways with a Q-TIP. i diluted the goof-off with 1/3 part water and used a LOT of elbow grease. in many cases, the paint just popped right off with light grazing of my finger nail! to give you an idea of how long it took, mcallister primed the entire room and i had only accomplished a 16 ft wall with a doorway!

Saturday, February 16, 2008

bye-bye orange.

today we primed the living room. i can't WAIT to get a new lighter color on the wall. the previous orangey-yellowey-gold mixture was okay but we really want something that accents the trim a little more.

we primed it so that we could see all the IMPERFECTIONS that come with having 100 year old plaster walls. and there are LOTS so that will be our project for the next week. thoughts on the color?!! i'm leaning towards staying in the same color palette as our kitchen.

Friday, February 15, 2008

pink wellies.

spring is in the air with my new wellies. their pink with white polka dots and i'm LOVIN 'em!

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

bad commenter.

this week I've had a few blogger profiles comment on my FUN posts with BAD links. 2 to be specific (fejar and malabei). i've deleted them a couple times but they keep coming back. please do NOT click on any links in weird, mysterious comments!

these are NOT nice people.

i sincerely apologize for any of my readers who have clicked on the link. (including myself) i've reported them to blogger and so have a LOT of other people. they are not just doing it to me!

in the meantime, i've turned on comment moderation and word verification. your comments may not appear instantly like before, but once your comment profile is approved by moi - you can comment like crazy.

comments make the blogging world go 'round ;-)

Friday, February 08, 2008

time flies.

just when you thought I might not be THAT weird - here's the newest office accessory. a fly swatter clock! isn't it FUN!? the second hand is a black FLY that goes around a real fly swatter.

i got this for christmas from my bro's girlfriend LISA. we must be on the same like-weird-objects-with-great-design wave. i learned about the designer, david dear, here including that the clock is AWARD winning!

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

missing sunshine.

yesterday it was almost 50 degrees here in the rochacha. even so, i'm missing that florida sunshine BAD. seasonal depression kicked my butt in gear to FINISH getting our trip photos online.

can i just say how much I HEART pictures?!?! going through them was like re-living the weekend all over again! i may get slack for taking a gazillion of them... but if that's what it takes to capture all our memories - I'll take the heat! you can check 'em out on my Kodak Travel Page.

my 'i love lucy' sand photo below is my desktop wallpaper at work. it helps get me through the long, grueling days. if you want to use any of the pics as your window to the sun:
- click on the image to make it bigger
- right click on it to save
- find the image on ur computer and open it
- right click on it 'save as desktop background'.

Monday, February 04, 2008

day brightener.

two happenstances that can brighten a MONDAY:

1. quick trip to the salvation army! I spent a whopping $6 at the VOA and turned my monday frown right upside down. what a score.... vintage christmas ornaments, green glassware that I'm addicted too and a glass apothecary jar!

2. receiving a hoops-n-yoyo card! Today I got their 'day-brightener' e-card from a friend which brought a big smile to my hazy monday. some of you know I'm addicted to these characters and if you haven't heard of them, check 'em out!

if they don't make you laugh, i'm afraid we just can't be friends.

anything brighten up your Monday?

Sunday, February 03, 2008

game day.

i present you... one crazed SUPER fan.

let's go GIANTS!

Friday, February 01, 2008

vote for the cause.

my good friend and fellow junker SONDRA got quite the surprise over the holidays. her boyfriend whisked her off to Vegas for an impromptu vacation and POPPED the question. how wonderful is he?!

ok folks here's the deal - she is casting a vote on her blog for her bridesmaids dresses. since yours truly is blessed to be a part of their day, i'm selfishly interested in STACKING the vote ;-) (j/k - i think i'll look good in ALL of them)

i won't sway you with my favorites, but I will encourage you to go check out how lovely they are and vote for your favorite. i love ALL the styles and colors she picked out which go perfect with their fall wedding.