Monday, February 04, 2008

day brightener.

two happenstances that can brighten a MONDAY:

1. quick trip to the salvation army! I spent a whopping $6 at the VOA and turned my monday frown right upside down. what a score.... vintage christmas ornaments, green glassware that I'm addicted too and a glass apothecary jar!

2. receiving a hoops-n-yoyo card! Today I got their 'day-brightener' e-card from a friend which brought a big smile to my hazy monday. some of you know I'm addicted to these characters and if you haven't heard of them, check 'em out!

if they don't make you laugh, i'm afraid we just can't be friends.

anything brighten up your Monday?


MylRae said...

the 18 Wins and 1 GIANT Loss brightened my Monday...

:) Way to go G-MEN!

nickycunha said...


how selfish of me to forget... ;-)

Lisa said...

hoops-n-yoyo! They're the best =)