Wednesday, February 06, 2008

missing sunshine.

yesterday it was almost 50 degrees here in the rochacha. even so, i'm missing that florida sunshine BAD. seasonal depression kicked my butt in gear to FINISH getting our trip photos online.

can i just say how much I HEART pictures?!?! going through them was like re-living the weekend all over again! i may get slack for taking a gazillion of them... but if that's what it takes to capture all our memories - I'll take the heat! you can check 'em out on my Kodak Travel Page.

my 'i love lucy' sand photo below is my desktop wallpaper at work. it helps get me through the long, grueling days. if you want to use any of the pics as your window to the sun:
- click on the image to make it bigger
- right click on it to save
- find the image on ur computer and open it
- right click on it 'save as desktop background'.


Lisa said...

Ahhh Flordia! Such a good time. But I can't complain too much, its suppose to be close to 70 today!!! Yippee! Hope the rain holds off though!

Jon said...

Great times

Lisa said...

whoops... correction - Florida!