Friday, February 08, 2008

time flies.

just when you thought I might not be THAT weird - here's the newest office accessory. a fly swatter clock! isn't it FUN!? the second hand is a black FLY that goes around a real fly swatter.

i got this for christmas from my bro's girlfriend LISA. we must be on the same like-weird-objects-with-great-design wave. i learned about the designer, david dear, here including that the clock is AWARD winning!


Lisa said...

YAYY!!! It made the blog! There's nothing wrong with the "like-weird-objects-with-great-design" wave! Everyone should jump on =)

Lisa said...

Wait one more thing... did you see the Duck Mirror on his site? With the little bird feet? There's no reason why it can't be called Bird Mirror.. Birdman himself might have a new little friend for Valentine's Day! HAHAA! How funny!

nickycunha said...

the duck mirror is ADORABLE. I think our birdman needs it ;-)