Tuesday, February 12, 2008

bad commenter.

this week I've had a few blogger profiles comment on my FUN posts with BAD links. 2 to be specific (fejar and malabei). i've deleted them a couple times but they keep coming back. please do NOT click on any links in weird, mysterious comments!

these are NOT nice people.

i sincerely apologize for any of my readers who have clicked on the link. (including myself) i've reported them to blogger and so have a LOT of other people. they are not just doing it to me!

in the meantime, i've turned on comment moderation and word verification. your comments may not appear instantly like before, but once your comment profile is approved by moi - you can comment like crazy.

comments make the blogging world go 'round ;-)


MylRae said...


Please clean up the Blogs!

And know thy (enemy) link! I have not clicked on either because I don't know them...

:) Rae

PS: Happy Valentine's Day all!

Jon said...

Happy Valentine' DAY