Saturday, May 24, 2008

salad bowl.

my mom made me a salad bowl for our garden and now we're eating lettuce like rabbits... it grows back like crazy!

Thursday, May 22, 2008


today I'm on Kodak's blog 1000words talking about what else... more finds on my JUNK travels. i used these finds to display some of my FAVE pictures.

i mean, come on, doesn't EVERYONE use tennis rackets, ladders and rubber stamp holders as picture frames?!?!

see for yourself and comment there if you'd like!

Sunday, May 18, 2008

she'd be honored.

my girlfriend allison responded to my MOH card by one-up'ing my crafty creation. she made me a DARLING little book with photos of her and i and my other half and included a small tag saying "i'd be honored"

she has produced these before and i've always been in AWE when i see them. it really is a tricky puzzle i'd never be able to follow!! she swears it is only 3 pieces of heavy cardstock, 2 pieces of cardboard and some scrapbook paper. as soon as I have the steps - I'll let everyone know!

ps - if you're reading this allison, we really didn't need 2 publish evidence of my 9th grade hairstyles...

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

lilac festival 2008.

after work, my beau and i went to the lilac festival. the festival takes place on about 20 acres of rolling hills in highland park. there are over 500 DIFFERENT varieties of lilacs planted which makes the entire park and surrounding areas smell absolutely LOVELY. during the bloom season - i drive through the park with all the windows down and you can smell them for MILES. you can see the rest of our pics, including the blooming onion, here.

yes, there are three of me - click and see for yourself!

Sunday, May 11, 2008

hit the bottle.

with a camera, that is.

by now many of my regular blog readers are used to my crazy photo-takin habits. i just love photography. i may not be good at it. but that's why i have a digital camera. i take HUNDREDS of photos to find the perfect bakers' dozen.

and sometimes i photograph random things. like rum & coke. ok so totally not random b/c some people think they're a perfect match. and really also not so random b/c there is a story behind it. remember - this is 'connect the dots'.

so the dots are my bjb ('best-junk-buddy' for the must-know acronyms folk) sondra is marrying a fella named myers. he's a real nice fella who happens to share a name with a popular rum. thus... i decided to take pics of another perfect myers match. its like a self-portrait - but not with people. (get it? nevermind...)

i really don't think any of us drink rum & coke - we prefer the hops, but nonetheless i couldn't resist. i took black-n-white, sepia, low saturated color, and odd angles. fun, right?! who knows what we could use these for!

you can see the other 50 i had to take to get the good ones here.

Friday, May 09, 2008

lazy lucy.

how quickly gave up this for LAZY LUCY on my computer's wallpaper.

i wish i were lying in the grass soaking up the sun.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

will you be my bridesmaid cards.

my other half and i have been engaged for AGES. we're not in any hurry but things have finally been moving along so i want to share a recent 'wedding' project...

the girls i wanted to ask to be in the wedding are close friends/family and have been around for awhile. during my wedding research i found some cute bridesmaid cards here and here. i loved everything about them but the actual design!! (too cutesy for me) so what better way than to share my love of crafting to ask them in a special way. i came up with a cheezy poem and married it (no pun intended) with some supplies from our local craft store. i love the dress stamp and know i'll use it lots in the future. if interested, check out the steps and pics on my projects page.

Thursday, May 01, 2008

may wallpaper.

last month i discovered smashing magazine which publishes free desktop wallpaper. there are lots of sizes and options to choose from - i'm currently enjoying the colorful HAPPY MONTH. you can go here to see all the options.