Sunday, May 11, 2008

hit the bottle.

with a camera, that is.

by now many of my regular blog readers are used to my crazy photo-takin habits. i just love photography. i may not be good at it. but that's why i have a digital camera. i take HUNDREDS of photos to find the perfect bakers' dozen.

and sometimes i photograph random things. like rum & coke. ok so totally not random b/c some people think they're a perfect match. and really also not so random b/c there is a story behind it. remember - this is 'connect the dots'.

so the dots are my bjb ('best-junk-buddy' for the must-know acronyms folk) sondra is marrying a fella named myers. he's a real nice fella who happens to share a name with a popular rum. thus... i decided to take pics of another perfect myers match. its like a self-portrait - but not with people. (get it? nevermind...)

i really don't think any of us drink rum & coke - we prefer the hops, but nonetheless i couldn't resist. i took black-n-white, sepia, low saturated color, and odd angles. fun, right?! who knows what we could use these for!

you can see the other 50 i had to take to get the good ones here.


MylRae said...

are u kidding; I'm a rum and coke drinker from way back...

This past weekend on the boat we discovered it goes well with Sparkling Lemonade...Gold Rum that is!

Best of all, the dark rum is best when topping off a MaiTai!

Sondra said...

I'm envisioning these as "Thanks for coming!" tags, no? Loving 'em. We even checked out the other 1500!!

Nicky C. said...

oh oh oh - great idea sondra! if there is valet parking... we could have the valet dudes hang them from the rear view mirrors. It'll be a nice thoughtful touch!