Friday, February 01, 2008

vote for the cause.

my good friend and fellow junker SONDRA got quite the surprise over the holidays. her boyfriend whisked her off to Vegas for an impromptu vacation and POPPED the question. how wonderful is he?!

ok folks here's the deal - she is casting a vote on her blog for her bridesmaids dresses. since yours truly is blessed to be a part of their day, i'm selfishly interested in STACKING the vote ;-) (j/k - i think i'll look good in ALL of them)

i won't sway you with my favorites, but I will encourage you to go check out how lovely they are and vote for your favorite. i love ALL the styles and colors she picked out which go perfect with their fall wedding.


emily said...

my favorite was dress number 3. Its so cute!!

Jon said...

I vote pic one right side...or pic 3