Tuesday, February 19, 2008

paint splattered trim.

while priming the living room, we really noticed how BAD the previous paint job was. apparently the homeowner before us did NOT believe in any prep work for his paint jobs. our trim and outer edges of the hardwood floors were covered in teeney-tiny paint SPLATTERS. they have just been hard to see all these years with the LUCY hair that covers our floor!


i googled my little heart out to try and find a way to get latex paint off the wood trim without ruining it. i didn't want to strip it and re-stain.... waaaay to much work. i found a several websites and forums that suggested using Goof Off (or some equivalent) to lightly rub paint off the trim. i immediately thought it would take off the finish on the trim, but i tested it on an inconspicuous corner and voila! it worked magically!

i painfully went around ALL the baseboards, crown molding, windows and doorways with a Q-TIP. i diluted the goof-off with 1/3 part water and used a LOT of elbow grease. in many cases, the paint just popped right off with light grazing of my finger nail! to give you an idea of how long it took, mcallister primed the entire room and i had only accomplished a 16 ft wall with a doorway!


MylRae said...

Do it Yourself Work can be shotty at best.

Attention to Detail does matter.

Can't wait to see the results!

Jon said...

at first glance that looks like a desert painting or is that just me...

Lisa said...

Ha! I thought that too.

MylRae said...

opps, with Goof Off applied it's too late to submit it to 'Painting with Bob' (on PBS)... Needs a Big Tree
or in this case, a big cactus...


(gotta see it to know what I'm talking about... no I'm not crazy!)