Monday, January 18, 2010

31 weeks preggo.

many have asked for a belly pic... and here it is. (or as close as anyone is getting these days!) i did my best to crop off the flabby arms and my complete dis-regard for undergarments peeking out of tank tops. yay for wintery layers :)

the bump at 31 weeks gestation.

mom & baby are both healthy and active. (well, he is definitely more active than me these days!) mom's been blessed with a fairly textbook pregnancy so far - reflux & roadrage included! they have appts every two weeks where we get to check in and hear his heartbeat and have been spending their free time thinking about the nursery, pediatricians, daycare, the hospital stay and all the other wonderful joys that can overwhelm first time parents!

only 58 more days to go!


Justine said...

beautiful <3

MylRae said...

Looking like a basketball, it must be a boy!

Hmm, but you already knew that...

;0) Grama-2-bee