Monday, March 24, 2008

easter decor.

easter SNUCK up on me this year. and if i were asked - i'd suggest giving easter a fixed schedule versus this variable one that allows for it to be in march. don't get me wrong - i respect why it's celebrated and do love a 2 holiday month (just like hoops and yoyo) but it's just too darn cold up here to be celebrating easter this soon.

it made me SLOW to decorate! i was soo rushed putting out decor... i didn't want my poor eggs or bunnies to get frostbite. despite the bitter cold - we celebrated on Saturday with family and we had a very nice easter holiday. here are a few pics of my THINKSPRING* easter decor. i'm into greens and birds lately.

jelly beans fill the hurricanes and i put rocks, fake reindeer moss and lotus' in my apothecary jars for a botanical feel.

*THINKSPRING is part of my strategy to get spring to come sooner. (why else would i wear my new skimmer keds with no socks in 25 degree weather?!)

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Sondra said...

Happy Easter everyone! Love your decor!!