Sunday, August 24, 2008

film reels.

remember when we started painting the living room?! well we've been basically 're-doing' the living room this entire year. (unfortunately just thinking about what we're gonna do doesn't really get much done!) when looking for decor i found these film reels at ballard designs and i think i NEED them for my mantel. they're so neat - there is one size for each era in the film industry, the biggest being about 2 ft.

then i saw the price and i reminded myself why the catalog(s) should go straight to the recycle bin.


Lisa said...


Sondra said...

Booo! I LOVE those!! Don't you just despise that fine line between NEED and WANT?!?!?!?!

MylRae said...

like you need more possessions (as cousin Stan says)

Give it that Craving test: walk away (from the vending machine) for 10 minutes and if you really can't get past the craving go back for it... But usually it'll pass (that with a little help from the price tag!)