Tuesday, December 29, 2009

skype xmas.

it's always tough to make those decisions on where you'll spend the holidays and this year was no different. we couldn't visit everyone we wanted to in person, but that didn't stop us from using the next best thing to connect with as many folks as we could!!

SKYPE! Or as my brother calls it SKKYYYYYYPPPPEEEEEEEE.

you might remember when i posted about it back here when i went to Singapore. my other half and i use it almost every week to connect with my siblings. we call them - skype dates. sometimes we eat dinner together or just spend an hour vegging on the couch. depends on the mood :)

this christmas justine was stuck in florida working so she couldn't make the trek up north. sooooo we opened presents over Skype and it was a HOOT!

it doesn't beat the real, in-person thing but it far outweighs not getting to see each other at all. Yay for SKYPE!

1 comment:

Justine said...

It would've been a lonely Christmas morning if it wasn't for SKKYYYYPPPEEEE!