Sunday, July 22, 2007


alright, so this is my crazy friend allison. today she jumped out of a plane (no I was not with her to take the pic, i was on the ground happily eating hummus).

she told me I could have all her scrapbooking supplies if she didn't make it to the ground on two feet. (she really is a great friend) but she made it without splattering. it's better this way, i know her crafty-crazed roomate would have put up a fight.

i chuckled at the funny looking hat they made her wear, it must be an aerodynamic model.


MylRae said...

No Way, the one and only Allison? Wow, what a huge smile on her face... I'd say she liked it!

Way to Go Allison and I must say, better you than me!

Jon said...

Holly $h*T

Allison said...

Oh yes, my head was very aerodynamic!

niccunha said...

yes - holy toledo indeed.

I can't wait to see her VIDEO. I told her we'll have to throw it up on youtube to share it with the world.