Friday, December 18, 2009

birthday wishes.

thank you SOOOO much to everyone's outpouring of birthday wishes for me yesterday. i had quite a frustrating day/week with work coupled with/by malfunctioning pieces of technology i operate daily. (aka: blackberry, laptop AND home computer. sigh. all things easily taken for granted!!)

the well wishes and happy sentiments were much appreciated & enjoyed in my extremely hormonal, crazed state of mind. and special thanks to my hubby for sparing a few hours with me yesterday when our schedules actually aligned to keep me calm & sane.

here are just a few of the FUN eCards I received from thoughtful friends :)

29 is fun so far, but next up - the BIG dirty thirty. double sigh.

1 comment:

MylRae said...

Very funny cards and I especially love the Hoops & YoYo, because they always bring a smile to ones face!