Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Face to Face Tour re-scheduled AGAIN.

ok, so like you never hear about concerts getting re-scheduled - right? if that's the case - what are the chances it'll get re-scheduled TWICE?!?! over thanksgiving i was informed that the Billy Joel/Elton John concert scheduled for Dec 4th was postponed AGAIN.

so guess when the new date is? MARCH 9TH. a whole NINE+ months after I bought the darn tickets. What else usually happens in NINE months?!?! oh I don't know, perhaps the growth of a small human! my new 'estimated' due date is the 14th which puts this concert 5 days before. i already attempted to get a refund but ticketsnow is so not cooperating, nor is their customer service being very friendly.

ugh. what do I do?!?

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