Wednesday, August 30, 2006

my word

here's my start, be back soon.


Horne Acal said...

Hi nicky, I want to introduce you to

Jon said...

Blog spot...I have heard of these, but never been to one. What is the site? You post your info about your day? or the great pumpkins that have been carved at your house?
Lisa is going to send you her photos from the weekend...she has a ton that way you can add them in your album.
I am getting ready for my midterm next week and doing a project due wednesday...should be a fun week...woot woot

niccunha said...

yes jon. a blog spot - i have heard of these too and i wanted to learn more. you post info about your day, about your life, or about nothing at all. that's my tune - a blog called my word which is all about the nonsense that runs through my brain.

woot. woot.

niccunha said...

oh - and my blog has PHOTOS. not because I work at the big yellow box. but because I HEART MEMORIES.