Friday, October 27, 2006

vintage apron

In the spirit of hosting Turkey Day @ our house again - I've treated myself to a NEW apron!

The tagline on the apron sold me - 'why be dirty when you can be flirty'! LOVE it. I purchased it @ a cute boutique in NOTL - but it is for sale @ Amazon (what isn't?).

Now, with my cooking skills still in need of some work - atleast I will look great in the kitchen.


Jon said...

Why is nobody responding to me?>? my emails?? ahh Anywhos I am going ahead with humpty dumpty costume.. You will be getting pics later. Justine and Tyler are coming out..she is being betty boop, I think. And tank is coming but he won't tell me what he is being.... alright I have to run to work. I will tlak to you birds later

rae said...

I like the apron Nicky! Fun Wear...