Saturday, November 04, 2006


There are squirrels that are totally hanging out on our front porch.

I guess they've spread the word to the other city squirrels, because now
they are gnawing my corn decorations like their candy.

Lucy sees them out the window and barks. But they just keep eating and stare back at her.

Before SF.................. After SF.


rae said...

I have Indian Corn hanging inside my doorway; Squirrels can't get there ;0)

We used the husks for our Scarecrow costume (which I need to upload the pics) then I re-taped them on the corn for Thanksgiving Decor... Gotta love the clear Duck Tape!

Jon said...

Owww. damn squirrels, need to get Mc out there wth his BB gun...How was San Fran?? I haven't heard any news..Back from was a great time..good stories..not for blogging though...

niccunha said...

Clear duck tape?!?! WOW. That sounds like a wild invention.

rae said...

You know I'm the queen of duck tape! Red for Clifford's roof... (although that probably wasn't officially Duck Tape).

They sell clear and it works like the grey color, softer on the eyes!

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Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I like squirrels. I would like one as a pet along with a woodchuck, known as willy woodchuck. Everyone will want to be friends with my pets.
-mrs. wooddick