Friday, January 19, 2007


In lieu of having all our photos up for public viewing, I thought I'd post some fun shots of our FAVORITE place on our trip. We had a lot of favorites.... favorite city - Paris, favorite country - Switzerland, favorite church - San Pietro, Rome Italy, and favorite Market - Portabello.

However, our favorite place overall that we enjoyed touring the most was GRINDELWALD, Switzerland. Grindelwald is a small village town located in the Bernese Oberland region of Switzerland. It is in the very popular Jungfrau region and located right at the foot of Eiger North Face and Wetterhorn Mountains.

We decided that if we ever are fortunate to take a trip like that again - we'd go back and tour ALL of Switzerland. The pic below is us in front of Mount Wetterhorn and a little ski cafe in Grindelwald.


rae said...

I love the panoramic feature on your camera, can really take some interesting photos.

I've done that by taking 3 shots, moving on step to the right with each and careful to line up the horizon. This beats those attempts hands down...

Aunt Robin loved Switzerland too, I can see why!

Aunt Tina is looking for your pictures as well, email her an invitation please!

rae said...

Checkout this month's Wegman's Menu magazine for the ski party menu! Now that we have snow!~