Monday, February 26, 2007

10 ways to reuse your Target bag.

they are so smart at target. right on the bag - they suggest 10 ways that YOU can help by using their bags for other purposes. Such as:

1. Tiny Trashcan Liner.
2. Doggy duty.
3. Water Balloon.
4. Roadtrip rubbish.
5. Soggy Laundry.
6. Ice pack for head lump.
7. Toiletry tote.
8. Kitty litter liner.
9. Tomorrow's lunchbag.
10. Care package padding.

I use #2 regularly, sometimes #4, and #9 often too. #6 can be used for any body part - like my knee last night after falling down our icy stairs. And #7 can be used for more than just toiletries - just ask JON, he uses them for plain LUGGAGE.

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