Saturday, May 19, 2007

Albany Pump Station.

The Albany Pump Station draws its name from its location. It's a warehouse-sized building that was formerly used to draw water out of the Hudson River and pump it into Bleecker Reservoir. In 1927, the pump station moved over 7 BILLION gallons of water. It's a brew PUB today, with a bunch of its own varieties of beer on tap. The distilling vats are up above the bar, visible from all areas of the restaurant. There are also the huge CRANES that were originally part of the water works, which I found out have been restored and are now used on occasion to lift the fermenting vats.

Saturday night, we went there for some great food and beer. We were celebrating the college graduation of my little brother Jon and his girlfriend Lisa. There was about 15 or so of us, and we were in GREAT company. I had the popular 'Pump Station Burger', accompanied with a nutty, brown Ale called 'Kick-ass BROWN'. All in all, it was FUN. A great alternative to all the popular CHAIN restaurants that are always within arms reach.

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MylRae said...

Kudos to the waiters and waitresses at the PUMP STATION! A

All those stairs, very impressive; with an elevator right there too!