Monday, May 14, 2007

postal rate hike.

Today marks another day that stamp prices increase, they go up to $0.41.

It is just my luck that I recently bought a ROLL of 100 stamps. BOO. As recent as like 3 weeks ago. I was obviously unaware of the planned increase, and was not informed either during my purchase. That doesn't make me happy. Am I supposed to buy 100 two cent stamps now?! Perhaps I can return them for the new Liberty stamps. Apparently they are good forever.

If you can believe it, stamp prices have increased from .10 to .41 in just 32 years! I wonder where the future of mail is going? It'll likely go digital like everything else. I'm thinking digital like perhaps the 'EZPass' of stamps, they'll just charge us as we ship!

oh.... but then what will the stamp collector do?!

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MylRae said...


Too bad they didn't inform you of the planned hike! Go back and complain; like it'll get you anywhere...

And yes, no returns allowed, so go buy your roll of 100 upgrade stamps, so you don't forget and your mail gets returned to you for insufficient funds! That'll really make you mad...