Wednesday, June 13, 2007

dirty birdies.

Everyone knows how much I like JUNK. Well Sondra, my junkmate in crime, and I decided to take our junking habits to the next level. We're selling some of our most popular junk creations under the clever brand name - DIRTY BIRDIES.

Last weekend, we gave some of the creations a trial run at Sondra's garage sale and we were PLEASED. We got great feedback, sold a few items and even took a pre-order!! Fancy that. Sondra made us those super-cute labels (above) that doubled as 'biz' cards for some interested parties wandering on through!

Our garden fences and planter boxes seem to be customer favorites and we also sold my large ruler easel that I made a couple months ago. I'm surprised the book vase didn't go, it's one of my FAVES. I have some pics online of our creations.

We're going to be selling some of our trash treasures at the Rochester Public Market this weekend for Garage Sale Days. If you are in the area - stop on by!!


The Other Dirty Birdie said...

Wow, I must guys are amazing!!!!!

MylRae said...

Very clean Junk you've got there!