Thursday, June 07, 2007


For the first time all year, I went to Flower City Days at the Rochester Public Market last weekend. I can't believe how late in the season I got there!

That said, the weather was NICE and cool for it and I went early to beat the crowds. Without McAllister as my runner or a shopping cart, I had to make many trips back and forth to the car. As the morning went on, I found it tough to remember all flowers piling up in the car!

I usually pick up all my annuals here each year to make my hanging baskets. Which I did the rest of Sunday morning. I also am testing my gardening skills b/c I picked up a Japanese Maple tree as well. The price was right and I've been eyeing one since last summer, but it will be a tough guy to lose to my not-so-green thumbs. I'm off to research tips on how / where to plant it!

Flower City Days' last weekend is this Sunday - so if you're looking for some gardening supplies, head on out!!

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Jon said...

I hope you have better luck then mom did with the Jap Maples...ours were wilting in the front lawn...