Monday, June 18, 2007

short changed.

What I like: Finding something that perfectly meets your needs when you're looking for it.

What I don't like: Buying that something perfect and then having it go on sale the very NEXT day. BOO.

Case in point, I went to one of my fave stores TARGET to get an outdoor rug for our front porch. As usual - I decorate through trial and error and have to buy one or two that didn't work before I find mr. perfect outdoor rug. I bring it home SATURDAY, set it up, love it lots for one evening and then on SUNDAY while reading the paper - I notice it's on sale for 10 whole dollars cheaper! BOO.

Now I'm mad at my mr. perfect rug. I sure hope my friendly folks at Target will give me my 10 whole bucks back without me having to lug it off my porch and into the store. We'll see!


emily said...

Your porch looks GREAT!!! What a great little nook to sit and read and watch time go by!

Kristi said...

Just bring your reciept and they will give you the price difference. I think they give you a two week grace period with sales items.
Your porch look great too!

niccunha said...

I'm HAPPY to report I am 10 dollars richer. The friendly folks @ Target happily gave me my 10 dollars back as a price adjustment.