Monday, July 09, 2007

my new fave store.

In 'Old Town' Alexandria, VA last week, I accidently stumbled on the Paper Source. I was outside their store window, taking a photo of their fun paper garland project when curiousity BEGGED me to wander inside. Low and behold, I entered into a crafty, paper HEAVEN. I wanted one of everything but somehow my will-power brought me home with a moderately full bag-o-goodies.

I treated myself to new rubber stamps and gifts for friends. Since I find their wasp logo irrestible, I MUST go back for their bug glasses.

After checking out their website, I found no stores in New York state. (boo). Guess I'll have to sign up for their catalog instead.


emily said...

Oh my gosh!!! I think I would have boughten EVERYTHING there!!! All those sheets of paper??? WOW!! What great choices for the placemats that once we talked about making!!

niccunha said...

oh yes Emily. It is true, that is a WALL of fun, colorful paper. I couldn't resist snapping a pic.

The Paper Source has cards, envelopes, stamps, kits, invites, journals, YOU NAME IT. And it's all super-duper FUN.

MylRae said...

There's a few in MA too...

The name sounded familiar; but it's not the one Aunt Tina and I shop at in Chelmsford... Which is really a big Hallmark type store.