Tuesday, September 11, 2007

homeade vintage apron.

recently I've had the urge to find my 'inner-seamstress'. no more passing on FUN projects that involve sewing b/c of fear of the sewing MACHINE. my mom is a whiz so I thought i'd be a natural. well i'm not. so i've resorted to taking videos of her so I can practice REPEATING!

i've been working on 2 projects, one of which is this apron I just finished. before I turned it into an apron - it had LIFE as a pillowcase. I got it from the VVA for 99 cents and YES - I did wash it before I started sewing!
i'm happy to report my biggest challenge was threading the darn machine each time my bobbin ran dry. i found myself wanting to buy several sewing machines... each to hold it's own color thread! i'm also proud of my first POCKET! I think it looks cute ;-)

Check out the project pics on my Kodak Gallery page. if I keep this up - perhaps I can launch my own table linen clothing line!


sondra said...

Yes it is perfect! And it fits perfect - as if you had measured me b4 making it.

I was just thinking to myself how much I love that I don't have to pull those ties around my waist to the front in order to keep the thing up.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!~

niccunha said...

yes - i sh/have mentioned the apron was part of the PLUMBING trivia prize!

Awarded to the other dirty birdie.

MylRae said...

Thanks for the complement Nicky, but I was not a natural either; my talent came by way of a class which was MANDATORY in High School back in my day!

I was pretty good; I made the cover of the home section in the local newspaper with my outfit (modeled by ME) on it. A blazer and slacks with a bright yellow turtleneck... I was hot! Very, can't really weat turtlenecks indoors!

And your brother was too, got an A for making a pair of boxers.

So maybe once you get over this hurdle (and it sounds like you are) you will only be investing in raw materials and spinning out lovely things!

You can buy many bobbins you know, keep one for every color handy...
;0) Mom

robin said...

I am really impressed with your work Nicky:) Now you can get into quilting with me and be sure you pre-thread lots, lots and lots of bobbins!!!! The secret is pre-threading so you don't loose your tempo. (At least white bobbins go along way!!) (It is the tip of the day to saving time) Auntie, Robin

emily said...

Awesome job! It looks great!