Monday, October 22, 2007

confused pumpkins.

cam isn't the only one getting a painted pumpkin! i decided to paint our initials on smaller pumpkins to JAZZ up our front porch. well the pumpkins were so darn small they got lost in our HEAPING pile of mums!

despite being overwhelmed with how close christmas is, i solved that by stacking them up like a SNOWMAN. lots of hearty toothpicks are holding them together pretty well.


Jon said...

how close xmas is?? I wish it was close but it is only October 23!!! Nice pumpkins though!

MylRae said...

initials aren't very spooky... I like bats and ghosts; where are they?

Sondra said...

You could probably sell that to L & M Lanes down the street. After all it is their name!!

lisa said...

We just got our pumpkin! He's pretty plain and lonely outside our front door, though. I think he needs some paint!!!

nickycunha said...

jon - xmas is right around the corner. here will give you a countdown. 55 days!

sondra - good suggestion!

lisa - get out your paintbrushes girly.

mom - bats or no bats - it's halloween!