Wednesday, October 03, 2007

grape pie.

tim, my buddy at work, went to the Naples Grape festival this past weekend with his wife. i've never been to the festival, but it looks like a lot of fun. it celebrates the harvest of the grape season with local music, crafts, food and wine!

we couldn't go b/c we were hosting some lovely guests and had a roof to put on. well Tim was so KIND he brought me back a GRAPE pie!! (i must have complained loudly about missing it ;-) it's the first time I've ever tried grape pie and boy is it YUMMMMMY. it's sweet like grape juice and of course tastes just a bit better with whipped CREAM. (what doesn't!?)


Sondra said...

Yummy! Maybe you can bring a slice over to share during our card game!

MylRae said...

I've heard great reviews regarding the Grape Pie... I can't wait to try it some day!