Tuesday, October 30, 2007

spooky branch.

remember my valentine's day tree? well the tree really isn't so lovey-dovey. it's actually a SPOOKY branch I scored for cheap-cheap at the PBizzle last year.

for it's first halloween debut, i decorated it with orange lights and little skulls to amplify it's spooky effect.

it's crazy how cheap halloween stuff can be the first week of november. i got this FUN batty, table runner with the branches. u forget about it until you pull it out the following season.... it's like CHRISTMAS in October!

i also made a spooky shadow box as a tribute to last year's pumpkin carving contest. go PLAXICO.


MylRae said...

Being a Tree Person, I favor the Black Skull Tree; I must try one for my front window...

Jon said...


Sarah and Jack said...

I do the same thing with the Halloween clearance stuff, buy it, stuff it away, and forget it till next year.

Those bats are pretty cool.