Monday, November 19, 2007


my other half is pretty darn creative in the kitchen. he reads a ton of autobiographies and books written by the chefs he likes and then PRACTICES what he learns on moi. (lucky me!) this weekend he ran out to buy a new 'dutch oven' for the current meal inspiration swirling around in his brain.

he's reading another one of anthony bourdain's books - A Cook's Tour. in it, bourdain travels ALL around the world in search of the perfect meal. i guess it's a pretty easy read - he said every chapter is like an episode on the travel channel.

so that's how i met borscht. bourdain talks about it when he was traveling in Russia. it's a beetroot vegetable soup but he put a Russian twist on it adding beef, parsnips, cabbage and potatoes. oh, can't forget the DOLLOP of source cream. yummm.


MylRae said...

Grandma Kubic, with Russian roots, was big on borscht; the traditional version that is.

And yes, I've made it a few times; I don't recall whether you kids enjoyed it or not. I think not, else you would have recalled it.

I always liked the pretty Pink/Rose color, especially after swirling the dollop of cream. Has a great smell too, the traditional recipe that is!

Your recipe looks more like stew, with a beet base. Sounds yummy... Are there leftovers?

anonymous busy-body from niagara. said...

You're "other 1/2" is reading books & cooking? Tell him to stay out of the kitchen, that's his brother Bill's territory!

Joy said...

I was wondering about that book - I really loved Anthony's t.v. show. This looks yummy.

p.s. I had to laugh out loud at your "couch doesn't hit the ceiling" reamrk about hubby! So funny!