Monday, December 17, 2007

happi bday.

happy birthday to me. happy birthday to me. happy birthday to NICKY. happy birthday to me. what a celebration this Floridian weekend! i am so grateful to have spent time with family and i can't thank our hosts, Justine and Lauren, enough for letting us invade and take over their apartment. i was showered with love and presents the whole weekend long which was just fantabulous. i didn't want to leave!

among my presents - a pedicure, pink winter gloves, a bottle of wine from my FAVE winery, an ironing board and iron, the cutest crafting TOTE and craft supplies, a mini dressform, sewing supplies and a gift card to Joanne's to stock up on more CRAFT supplies! happiday.

let me give you a closeup of how adorable the giftcard was dressed.oh - and how could I forget the best present of all. 3 feet of snow to shovel on the day of our return!


MylRae said...

Happy B'day Nicky!

So, it looks like you are in sewing heaven! Maybe I should have you sew the cushion covers for our boat?!? And John's boat too? I offered but without my machine that might be difficult...

I'm told John has great machines down at the shop with lots of room for all the material as well.

That's next years project!

Lisa said...

Woo hoo! Glad you had a great birthday!

Lisa said...

Woo hoo! Glad you had a great birthday!

emily said...

happy bithday!!

what no Michaels gift cards?? hehe.. your loot looks like its going to be fun to use!!

Marisa L. B. said...

Happy Belated Birthday! Hope it was great! Hope you had a nice Christmas too.