Thursday, December 27, 2007

out with the old backgrounds.

i finally changed the background pics on my phone and computer. my phone's had a pic that my little bro sent me from his phone that he took when setting up their tree. (note the thumb) he was lucky enough to score the only evidence of me sitting in santa's lap (or next too. somehow his lap wasn't big enough for me as a chubby child).

my computer background has held a sneak peak into our xmas cards that I ordered. lucy gets more festive with each and every year. i wanted to share the blooper pics from that photo-shoot, but I couldn't ruin the surprise that was hitting mailboxes!

poor lucy.


Jon said...

sweet thumb.

emily said...

love the pic of Lucy!! she looks so happy :)

MylRae said...

where's joby when you need one!

Batman..Batman..Batman NaNaNaNaNaNaNa BATMAN!

Adorable sweatshirt Justine!

MylRae said...

OMG, you electrified Lucy!