Sunday, January 20, 2008

buffalo chicken dip.

*warning* anyone who are on a diet, or happen to be lactose intolerant, close the browser quickly. if you don't, i'm not liable for any keyboard damage that may occur from your drooling.

yummmmmm. go giants!

buffalo chicken wing dip:
- layer of cream cheese (two 8oz packs)
- layer of blue cheese
- boil 1 lb boiled chicken and then shred with fork
- add chicken to 12 oz FRANK's red hot and 2 tbs butter
- layer mixture ontop of blue cheese
- layer with more shredded CHEESE of your choice
- cook for 20 min @ 350 until bubbly

serve with FRITOS scoops.


emily said...

YUM!! i must make this! yum, yum, yum..

Lisa said...

YUM IS RIGHT! Sunday night's game wouldn't have been the same without it!

MylRae said...

darn that looks delicious!

I can still taste Justine's version... That was what, last year sometime?

I guess my arteries can take another round by now, 1 year later...right?!?

Thanks for the recipe...

AUNT TINA said...

THANKS NICKY! Maybe trying it with low fat cheeses might help with the calories ! GO PATS!!!!!

MylRae said...

Don't bother with the lowfat cheese, they don't melt well!

Just double up the exercise come Monday!