Tuesday, June 17, 2008

free icebox.

you know you're a junker when.....

you get two text messages in one day from friends asking you to haul away fun FREE junk. this latest one made me squeal:

Lanie: Any desire 4 a free icebox? I think its metal.
me: omg. i love you.

junk alerts via text messaging are not quite as fun as scoring junk via a roadside pile. it must be the lack of the hunt and the swerving that can be involved. this icebox practically landed on my doorstep! (which can also happen quite a bit to us junkers).

i can't say my other half was as excited about it as I was - but he'll get there! it has such POTENTIAL! I'm already looking forward to the project!


Justine said...

Can't wait to see what you make of this!

MylRae said...

I can see why it's 4FREE...Good Luck!

Sondra said...

Oh dear....Mom may just never understand!

I think it was just yesterday I was telling you how much I love you, but now I think I'm hating you!!!!