Tuesday, June 24, 2008

gardenin' fool.

we're not just eating lettuce these days. my other half planted a lovely garden which he tends to day in and day out! so far we've been enjoying fresh herbs like this rosemary plant.

we didn't go too crazy like last year with our tomato plants but we're still hoping to produce some monster size fruit. i'm excited to be trying out some new plants like acorn squash and broccoli.

i love these glass flowers that i got last year at the corn hill festival. they are such a nice splash of color for the growing-like-mad SAGE plant.

happy summer everyone!


MylRae said...

Your Garden Tip of the Day regarding your tomatoes:

Pinch off the lower leaves (closest to the soil line) to encourage more fruit/flower growth and less plant/leaf growth. You want the upper leaves to protect the fruit from the sun so don't pinch from the top...

Your crop yield is higher and your plant will be smaller...

:0) Mom

Sondra said...

Wow! Now that's a tip!!!

I don't care much what you pinch, as long as I reap the benefits of some along the way!