Sunday, June 01, 2008

thirsty wedding guests.

this post goes out to the love-everything-about-Pottery-Barn-but-the-price crowd. so i gets my pottery barn catalog and LOVE their glass dispensor, just not their price. i've been looking for one b/c i want to use it at the wedding. outdoor wedding + hot july day could = thirsty guests. so i found the one above at Sams Club for oh, i don't know, $50 LESS than what PB will charge ya! (can't find a link to it. boo.)

so my plan (*CAVEAT* current plan which could change at a moment's notice) is to have two of them (they are 2.5 gallons apiece) outside or on the porch for the wedding ceremony. one with lemonade and one with iced tea. then pair them with these mason-jar style mugs i adore. on that table I can have my BIG galvanized bucket filled with bottled waters. these plus handmade wedding-program FANS will keep our peeps cool.


who knows - they could get some use at a couple PARTY events this summer too. ;-)

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Sondra said...

I saw their unGodly prices during a recent web visit. Trying to see if I would want to register there!? Just a heads can borrow one (or more) of mine if you don't care to purchase one at all. Currently we own four - all in different shapes and sizes. I guess you could call us....THIRSTY?