Sunday, May 31, 2009

memorial birthday fun - dinosaur style.

we celebrated the start of summer in style. blessed with gorgeous weather and great company, we headed to central new york for a fun filled BBQ weekend!

Brother Jon came in from DC and we celebrated his twenty-fifth birthday, dinosaur style. You see our family LOVES anything from the dinosaur barbeque. Their cookbook made the rounds one year as christmas gifts so @ his bday dinner request - everything on the table had to come from the book. Let's just say... YUMMMY.

Other festivities included lawn games such as ladder golf and Polish horseshoes. This horseshoe game is like no other - ski poles, beer cans and a frisbee (you really had to be there) and woah the ladder golf tourney (brackets included) was pretty competitive. Then Sunday we hit the water and took a nice boat ride and swim.

You can check out the rest of the pics here.


MylRae said...

yummy yummy with dino in my tummy!

Justine said...

Darn I missed out!
Just played Ladder Golf for the first time this weekend, my friend Renee bought it :) its a favorite!