Wednesday, November 04, 2009

christmas countdown begins.

50 days until Christmas. Yikes!!!

Every year I try to begin early and get as much done as early as possible. This year - having SERIOUS trouble getting the momentum! Lots of distractions with house renovations, baby related excitement and work kicking into major high gear. Drats.

Last night I was reading an article on 'simplifying the holidays' and had to laugh aloud at the tip "try moving other projects to different parts of the year". don't see that in our future! there isn't the time, nor the energy, to be as creative and crafty as I usually like to be. that is probably the most overwhelming part.

Haven't set the holiday budget, made the lists yet, thought about Christmas cards, nothing. Better get cracking! I will take their suggestion to set small, attainable goals.

(i take that back, I actually have purchased some items and can cross one person off our list. consider progress made!)

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MylRae said...

This Christmas, I bought photo cards from Kodak Gallery thanks to the $20 appreciation gift they put in my account. Better than any $5 box on sale and much more personalized.

I ordered Sunday night and they were in my mail box on Tuesday!

This weekend they'll all be addressed and ready to send 12/01.